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Benefits of an Artificial Christmas Tree

Christmas trees have been a holiday tradition for centuries, but it wasn't until the 1960s that artificial Christmas trees came into the picture. Aluminum Christmas trees, which were quite popular during that period, were probably the first artificial holiday trees. Since then, artificial Christmas trees have come a long way. Now high quality artificial Christmas trees are made from fade-and-crush-resistant poly vinyl that provides long-lasting functionality.

Even though some purists still prefer the real tree, lifelike artificial Christmas trees are increasing in popularity every year. Here are some of the reasons why more and more people have started to prefer the faux Christmas tree.


Artificial Christmas trees don't shed their needles, the biggest complaint that most people have about real trees. Besides, an artificial Christmas tree doesn't make your hands or clothes sticky with sap and doesn't require any watering or caring for. Unlike a real tree, your faux tree remains as beautiful throughout the holiday season.

Prelit Clear Light 6.5 Foot Virginia Fir Tree


Real Christmas trees become a fire hazard as they dry out, especially since they remain in such close proximity to electric lights. High quality artificial Christmas trees are made from fire-resistant poly vinyl which means that even if there is an electric spark, it is less likely to cause any major damage.

Reusable Christmas Trees

Though buying an artificial Christmas tree might be initially more expensive than a real tree, it is a profitable investment. You can put your faux tree up for many years without having to buy a new tree, making it both an economical and environmentally sound choice.

Variety of Styles

Artificial Christmas trees are available in a wide array of styles. Irrespective of the kind of tree you like, you can be sure of finding your favorite type of tree in artificial form. Faux trees are available in all sizes, from tabletop Christmas trees to large artificial Christmas trees that are great for large homes or commercial use. If you prefer a tree out of the ordinary, you can opt for uniquely shaped artificial Christmas trees for a distinctive decor.

Artificial Christmas trees can be unlit Christmas trees or pre-lit Christmas trees and are available in a wide range of prices to fit any budget.

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