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Christmas Tree FAQs

What are your artificial Christmas trees made from?

Our artificial Christmas trees are made from fade-crush-and-fire-resistant poly vinyl. Extremely durable, a poly vinyl artificial Christmas tree will provide you years of enjoyment. The tree pole is made of sturdy metal to ensure stability and long-lasting durability.

How long will it take?

Most of our artificial Christmas trees feature the hinged branch construction which is the quickest and easiest way to set up your tree. Assembling our artificial Christmas tree will hardly take you any time at all. Normally there are three folding trunk poles that you have to put together. All the branches of the tree are already permanently attached to the tree trunk with hinges, and all you have to do once you've put the tree pole together is shape the folded-down branches to give your tree a lush, lifelike look.

Is there a chance that the artificial Christmas tree might tip over once it's decorated?

Extremely sturdy metal tree poles support all our artificial Christmas trees. Even though a Christmas tree becomes considerably heavier after ornaments have been hung, our tree's superior metal stand makes sure it will never tip over.

Are the branches of the tree strong enough to hold heavy ornaments?

All our commerical artificial Christmas trees feature heavy-duty wire branches that will easily hold the largest and heaviest of your holiday ornaments.

What is tip count and how important is it while buying an artificial Christmas tree?

Tip count refers to the number of tips on each branch of your white Christmas tree. A higher tip count gives a lush, dense look to your tree. If you want an artificial Christmas tree that looks full, it is desirable to buy a tree with a high tip count.

Do your artificial Christmas trees look lifelike?

The needles of our Christmas trees are made from high quality poly vinyl that gives them a soft and natural look. Sporting true-to-life colors, the fade-proof foliage features subtle tone and shade nuances that faithfully replicate the appearance of a real tree. Their branch tips are rounded and beautifully sculpted to add to their lifelike look.

Are your artificial Christmas trees flame resistant?

All our Christmas trees are made of flame-retardant poly vinyl to ensure that your home will be safe during the holiday season.

I have allergies to certain materials. Will your artificial Christmas tree aggravate my allergies?

Our Christmas trees are allergy-resistant, so they are completely safe for people with allergies.

What color bulbs do your pre-lit Christmas trees come with?

Our pre-lit Christmas trees are available in clear and multi-colored. You can choose the one that best complements your Christmas decorations.

Will the entire string of Christmas lights on your pre-lit Christmas tree go out if one lamp does?

The external lamp lock feature on our twist-proof lamps prevents loose connections and ensures that even if one lamp goes out, the entire string remains lit.

How should I store my artificial Christmas tree?

It is recommended that you store your artificial Christmas tree in a cool, dry place that does not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It's also very important to make sure your artificial Christmas tree is properly covered to protect it against dust and insects. We recommend you use a sturdy, dust-and-insect-proof artificial Christmas tree storage bag to make sure your tree stays in good shape for years to come.

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